Kami Rita Sherpa


Kami Rita Sherpa

Mr. Kami Rita Sherpa was born in Thame village during 1970. He Made 24th successful climbs over the world’s highest peak; Mt. Everest (8848m). Breaking his own record of 23 successful ascents of Everest, Kami Rita now became the only man in the planted to climb Mt. Everest for 24 times. In 1997 he married Lhakpa Jangmu Sherpa. They are parents of son Lhakpa Tenzing Sherpa and daughter Pasang Dolma Sherpa. Both of the children attend school in Kathmandu.


When Kami Rita was 18 years old, he started working in the trekking industry. He later became a certified trekking guide and has completed additional climbing and safety training. Kami, currently who is working as a Senior Climbed Guide at Seven Summit Treks P. Ltd.  He has made many climbs on mountains in Nepal including Baden- Powell Scout (Urkema) Peak, Mt. Cho-Oyu and Mera.

Message for international climbers

Welcome to our country! I plan to work in mountaineering as long as I am healthy and fit. As a Sherpa climber, my goal is to help people make it safely to the tops of the mountains.

Message For the youth

Maintain your health and get a good education. Work to continue the Sherpa tradition of being kind, helpful and strong.

Thank you message

My older brother Lhakpa Rita Sherpa has been a great help and inspiration to me. I am also grateful to Mr. Todd Burleson, owner of Alpine Ascents International, because he always has given me good jobs that have put me in touch with great people. I appreciate my fellow climbers and friends, and of course, I am always grateful for the love and support of my parents and my own family.

1992 Kami Rita climbed to Camp 4 on Everest but was instructed by the team leader not to climb higher at that time. The expedition was organized by Alpine Ascends International and led by Mr. Todd Burleson of the USA. Kami’s older brother, Lhakpa Rita Sherpa, was the sirdar.

1994 Achieved his first summit of Everest while climbing with a team led by Mr. Todd Burleson.

  • 1995 Climbed Everest, but did not summit.
  • 1996 Kami was in the process of climbing Mt. Everest when a disastrous storm hit the mountain. Kami’s group leader (Todd Burleson) was one of the people involved in the rescue of several climbers. Kami did not summit because of the situation. He did what he could to assist others in the wake of the disaster. Later that year, Kami Rita climbed Annapurna IV with a Yeti Travel team led by Mr. Aimy Zairin of Malaysia. The sirdar was Mr. Kipa Sherpa of Kurima.
  • 1997 Summited Everest while working with an expedition led by Mr. Bhakta Bahandur Thakuri of Nepal.
  • 1998 Summited Mt. Everest with the first expedition team from Singapore. The team was under the leadership of Mr. David Yew Lee Lim and the sirdar was Mr. Gopal Tamang.
  • 1999 Summited Everest with an expedition team under the leadership of Mr. Michael Smith (UK).
  • 2000 Summited Everest with the Millennium Expedition team. The leader was Mr. Todd Burleson (USA).
  • 2001 Climbed to 8,700m on Everest from
  • the north side with a military research expedition. Mr. Dave Hahn of International Mountain Guides led the team. The sirdar was Mr. Panuru Sherpa.
  • 2002 Summited Everest while working with the Alpine Ascends Everest Expedition, led by Mr. William Prittie of the USA. Kami’s older brother Lhakpa Rita was the sirdar.
  • 2003 Kami achieved another summit of Everest under the leadership of Mr. Vernon Tejas of the USA. During the autumn climbing season, Kami summited Mt. Ama Dablam for the first time. He was working as the expedition sirdar.
  • 2004 Summited Mt. Everest in this year and also in each of the following four years. Kami continued working with Alpine Ascends International during this time period.
  • 2009 This year, Kami achieved two summits of Everest. He worked with the Everest II Expedition, which was led by Mr. Garrett Madison (USA). Lhakpa Rita Sherpa was the sirdar.
  • 2010 Summited Everest twice in one season. As in 2009, the expedition was organized by Shangri-La Nepal Trek.
  • 2011 Summited Mt. Lhotse with Mr. Adrian Wilcock of the UK.
  • 2012 Kami achieved another summit of Mt. Everest on an AAI expedition led by Garrett Madison.
  • 2013 Summited Everest twice in one season with Shangri-La Nepal Trek expeditions led by Mr. Michael Horst of the USA.
  • 2014 Kami summited K2 (8,611m / 28,251 ft) as a member of a Seven Summits expedition team.
  • 26/09/2017 NE Face  - summited Mt. Manaslu 8,163m
  • 16/05/2018 S-Col SE Ridge- summited. Mt. Everest 8,848m ( Senior climbing guide )
  • 15/05/2019 S-Col SE Ridge- summited Mt. Everest 8,848m( Senior climbing guide )
  • 21/05/2019S-col SE 6:38 am. Summited Mt. Everest 8,848m ( Senior climbing guide )

 ( 24th Times, World Record ) https://thehimalayantimes.com/nepal/with-two-ascents-in-a-week-kami-rita-sherpa-scales-mt-everest-for-record-24-times/?fbclid=IwAR34IO2eK72hZUgZwEBBrDz5tRDuLvhpuiXxNC3whlpC6CVtXS48H98B5kA

984 142 3752 / 980 345 2698 kamis_7@hotmail.com

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