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Searching volunteers for voiceless victims. After Earthquake

 Project Area | Khumbu (Everest) Region

Our Goal

To encourage volunteers to work with local villagers for the reconstruction of community properties in the Khumbu such as monasteries (gompas), schools, water taps, public toilets, trails, stone steps and clearing rubble. The damage was causes by Nepal’s devastating 25 April earthquake. Anyone with skills or motivation can join our volunteer program, which is based on team work with local Sherpas. The Sherpa villagers involved will provide food and shelter while you are volunteering your time. We encourage you to make a donation to cover food & basic lodging to help stimulate the Nepali economy, and to raise funds in your country to contribute to the efforts to rebuild Nepal.

Project Details

1 - We will provide a guide to the village where you are volunteering free of charge if you volunteer 10 days of your time
2 - Accommodation will be in Sherpa home stays or inside a tent
3 - Local organizations & clubs will coordinate volunteer efforts
4 - We accept donations of tools for construction
5 - We are actively searching for volunteers skilled in engineering, building & people who have worked in earthquake prone regions

Why Volunteer in the Khumbu?

1 - Kamzang Journeys will offer a discount on your next trek with us in Nepal, India or Tibet
2 - You will forge lasting friendships with local Sherpas, youth organization 
3 - You will make a real difference in rebuilding their destroyed villages
4 - You will gain a real understanding & appreciation of Sherpa culture
5 - To help rebuild Nepal!

Please get in touch if you would like to be your country coordinator. Our goal is to do good things for local communities! Develop your inner peace ...





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" When I flew to Lukla from Kathmandu I was totally unaware infinding a good place to accomodate during my travel in Everest region. I just walked up, and then in cheplung I found Khumbu Directory on the window pannel. Thank you guys for the good job, it was my best guide."

Adventure in Khumbu Region

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