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Support for Lama seru


Many people even don't know who is Lama Seru. He is the person who dedicated his entire life to make and maintain the route of Khumbu. Today, he is 70 yrs old and lives in simple house with his wife with zero income. Yesterday, He was pushing his life by begging money from travelers. Thousands of people saw him but none have concerned until Pasang Tsering's (HHH owner) attention caught him. He felt so sad to see this. He made his mind to help him, but how? www.youtube.com/watch

Starting from his own 500 Nrs, Pasang Tsering Sherpa started to raised attention to other and collected donation for helping lama seru. He said "he is so kind to all khumbule and all the traveler of Khumbu. We can't do much but at least we can provide some money, so, that he can live with little more comfort." He continued "he is 70 now, he worked for 50 yrs. now it's our turn to help him". 
After few months later he raised more than one lakh Nrs. He soon invited Lama Seru and handover the grand to him. "I am so happy that Pasang did this. I am also so grateful to all contributor, Thank you" Lama Seru said. "It's great to see him relief and smile on his wife face. Thank you to all doers." Added Pasang.
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" When I flew to Lukla from Kathmandu I was totally unaware infinding a good place to accomodate during my travel in Everest region. I just walked up, and then in cheplung I found Khumbu Directory on the window pannel. Thank you guys for the good job, it was my best guide."

Adventure in Khumbu Region

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