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    What We Do ?

    1. Provide Information of Trekking itinerary from selective trekking companies
    2. Provide Information about the hotels, lodges and restaurants of Everest region for your comfort
    3. Share knowledge about local culture, languages and sacred areas
    4. Share Information of schools, hospitals and Gompas of Khumbu region
    5. Provide Information about Sherpa mountaineers


    Travel Advice

    Here are a few tips for those headed trekking up to Everest Base Camp or the surrounds via Lukla.

    Get as fit as you can or you just won’t enjoy it as much, and if you get sick (as many do) you will find it all the harder. As is, it’s a very hard, multi-day, non-stop haul on which you will see some folks who look like they’ve ...


    Service for Local

    1. Advertise the local companies, hotels and lodges of Everest region
    2. Organize culture shows and tour
    3. Manage international volunteer for the local Program
    4. Publish news, articles and maps
    5. Organize different training related with tourism (joint with NGOs, INGOs, or Local Clubs)
    6. Provide guidance about wesites (personal websites)
    7. De...


    Hotel & Restaurant Guidance

    We have include detail information about all the lodges and hotels of Everest region here in our web site. We also have distributed a copy of "Khumbu Directory" (detail directory on lodges and hotels) to all the hotels and lodges in Everest region to make your travel a better one.
    Incase of any confussion or nedd further more information feel free to contact us. 



Adventure in Khumbu Region

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